• Episode 50: Living in Place with Erik Listou33:54

  • Episode 2- Hidden F&B: Amanee Neirouz22:52

"The Most Effective Way to Do it, Is to Do It."

--Amelia Earhart

Thanks for coming! You're in the virtual home for my writing self, which means I get to set the scene, ignoring the chaos of real life. Imagine either my Italian grandma's sauce and meatballs simmering in a crock pot redolent of garlic, or my New Orleans grandma's gumbo bubbling on the stove and studded with rich andouille and crab. Billie Holliday wails on the iPod, and a couple of dogs with a better back story than I have, lie snoozing. Add in a fierce band of smart, sassy and opinionated but kind people who have already started drinking and talking. Now, what's your pleasure? Coffee? Wine? A martini? Get ready to add to the conversation, grab a cup, and come on in. 

Grab a cup and

come on in! 


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